Tannenbaum's Sweet Habanero Sauce

Strawberry, Mint, & Basil

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For this bright burst of hot summer in a sauce, I started off with plump, juicy strawberries because they’re tangy-sweet, and flavorful. Who doesn’t love them? I chose mint for its grassy-fresh lift and to offset the berry sweetness. And then there’s the garden-fresh basil! It adds a flavor balance between sweet and savory with hints of anise, black pepper and yes! mint (basil is actually in the mint family). I think that’s pretty sweet.

Perfect as syrup on waffles, desserts or in a cup of hot tea.


Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Strawberries, Pectin, Habanero, Mint, Basil, Black Pepper

9 fl oz / 266 mL

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