"One year, I panicked when I realized I had to cook all of Thanksgiving dinner by myself for my in-laws. I’d never done it before. Of course I knew I'd be fine. I'm a librarian."

Harvey Tannenbaum, on confidence

(I did not write my own bio. I can write about habaneros and computer science, but not myself.)


No one approaches anything quite like Harvey Tannenbaum. He loves a good challenge. And isn’t afraid to experiment for the occasional wackadoodle solution. He might claim it’s because of his history as a recovering librarian. But it’s really just because Harvey is . . . Harvey. One in a million. Just like his sauces.

Harvey’s cavalier approach when trying new things is really why you’re even reading this sentence. One day, he found himself with an empty kitchen, a bunch of jalapenos and an abundance of curiosity.  The kitchen experiments continued, but jalapenos were soon exchanged with habaneros to create an “adult version.”

The rest is sweet, sweet history.

Fortunately for us, Harvey never seems to run low on curiosity. Who knows what he’ll be cooking up next.