Sweet + Heat Marinade

Happy Father’s Day to the hard working dads out there! This day is for you. Whether you’re relaxing at home with the family or planning a day at the park, you’re bound to get hungry. What’s more iconic to this holiday than the tried and true grill? I personally love to flex my culinary skills while letting the grill do the brunt of the work. It really just comes down to concocting the perfect marinade and I think I’ve got just the recipe. See below for the recipe and click the link on the homepage to navigate for more Tannenbaum’s recipes. Stay healthy dads!

For best results, mix ingredients in a bowl and add your preferred choice of meat. Make sure to coat all surfaces of your protein and cover with a lid or aluminum foil. Place in the refrigerator for no less than 1 hour, making sure to properly tenderize your meat for maximum flavor. Fire up the grill and enjoy!

"How do I choose flavors? I really don’t know. I started off with apricot because I like apricots. Then it becomes a game to see what other fruits would work. My wife likes strawberries, so I did some strawberry. It just comes to me."