Introducing Tannenbaum’s Sweet Habanero Sauce

I suppose I already know what the first question will be: what exactly is Tannenbaum’s Sweet Habanero Sauce?

If I was going to be cheeky, I’d answer “it’s a sauce, silly!” But the honest answer is, “it’s so much more than just sauce.” You see, it doesn’t just taste good. Tannenbaum’s is also downright good for you, with lots of real fruit, apple cider vinegar, and capsaicin from habanero peppers. The combination of herbs and spices were specifically selected for their taste and healthful properties. Tannenbaum’s Blueberry, Sumac, and Cinnamon Sweet Habanero Sauce is a good example. Blueberries are high in fiber with 24% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C and 25% of the RDI of manganese. Sumac has been used for centuries as an herbal medicine and is particularly rich in antioxidants. Cinnamon, another spice that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine, is also loaded with antioxidants in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Habanero peppers are the real star of the show.

Habanero peppers may be best known for their heat, but there is much more to the story. The capsaicin, which provides the sensation of heat, is anti-inflammatory and often used as a supplement for promoting heart-health. Capsaicin can also increase your metabolism and lower your appetite. Capsaicin even helps regulate the digestive system to promote good gut health. Maybe the best of all is that capsaicin triggers the brain to release the endorphins that are the body’s natural pain killers. Combining habaneros with fruit and apple cider vinegar tames the heat so that it does not overpower the taste. It is the best of both worlds. A little heat, a little sweet, and a lot of flavor.

There are a lot of answers to the question of what you can do with Tannenbaum’s, but the shortest answer is you can use it on or in just about anything.

It can be a topping on egg omelets, cheesecake, pancakes, cream cheese, or anything else you might think of. If you think that plain yogurt is a good idea but find the taste boring, add a bit of Tannenbaum’s. Anything dairy tends to minimize the heat of the capsaicin.

You can use it as a condiment on a sandwich in the same way you would use mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise. It even makes a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can use Tannenbaum’s as a glaze on chicken, salmon, ham, and ribs. You can use it as an ingredient in a marinade or as a cooking sauce.

You can even use Tannenbaum’s in the same way you might use hot sauce. Add it to chili, hearty soups, or stews to give them that extra bit of flavor. The great thing about using Tannenbaum’s that way, particularly cooking with it, is the flavor blends with whatever you are cooking. The result is that you get a depth of flavor that goes beyond just heat. The first time I used the Strawberry Basil Mint in chili, I was concerned that the chili might have a strawberry taste to it. But it did not work out that way. As the chili cooked, the flavors blended incredibly well, and no one would be able to detect any strawberry in the taste.

In working with this sauce, my wife and I have tried it on just about everything we can think of. And the amazing thing is that it works! And because we know it is made with all healthy ingredients, we can feel good about trying it in anything. So, I hope you will try Tannenbaum’s Sweet Habanero Sauce. And if you like it, please let us know.

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